Patient Participation Group

The Aims of the Patient Participation Group

We have an active Patient Participation Group representing the patients of Bloxham & Hook Norton Surgeries.

A Patient Participation Group should be representative of the patients at Bloxham & Hook Norton Surgeries, male, female, single young adults, people with young families, patients with long-term conditions, middle aged and older patients.

  • To give practice staff and patients the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest in their own practice.
  • A forum for patients and staff to improve and develop services within the practice by co-production.
  • To provide an opportunity for patients to make positive and constructive suggestions/ideas about the practice and specific medical conditions as an 'expert' or 'experienced patient'.
  • To encourage health education activities within the practice.
  • To involve further patients from the wider population.
  • To involve patient participation in future commissioning of Health Provision


What are the Benefits for the Patients

¤ Patients will have a better understanding and knowledge of the practice 
   and its staff.

¤ This allows latest information to be given to patients regarding the
   practice and will inform what decisions can be influenced and what

¤ It will allow to present the patient’s perspective to the practice staff and
   help them gain an understanding.

¤ Patients will benefit from improved communications between patients
   and staff


What are the benefits for the Surgery

¤ GPs and their staff will be able to plan services jointly with patients in
   order to increase their effectiveness.

¤ They will be able to get help from patients in meeting targets and

¤ They will have a forum to voice concerns, ideas and suggestions to

¤ They will get closer to the community for whom they care.


Getting Your View

The group would like to contact patients on occasion by email and/or text so that they can obtain the views of the widest group of patients possible. We would like to obtain your email address and mobile phone number to do this. Please complete the Patient Contact Form to provide your consent for this.


There is also a national group for patient participation, National Association of Patient Participation (NAPP),

Follow this link for their website

Newsletter from our PPG Group

Bloxham & Hook Norton Surgeries

Patient Participation Group (PPG) update for village newsletters


At the July meeting of the PPG it was agreed with representatives from the practice that we should attempt to ensure regular updates are provided for local residents on the latest news from our surgeries. The detail behind these headlines can be found on the practice website:


  • Face-to-face appointments are now available on request. Many patients continue to prefer a telephone conversation with their GP, but it is possible to book an appointment. Routine appointments are offered within two weeks. However, if you need to see a doctor urgently, please ring at 8.00 a.m. There are always several staff taking these calls but there is often a queue. You can either stay on the line or leave your name and contact details and the practice will return your call.


  • The Bloxham Pharmacy is currently completing over 250 prescriptions a day. This is an immense workload for a small team and patients can help by ensuring repeat requests are submitted a week before their medicine is required. Even more important is the need for patients to collect their prescriptions. Hundreds of uncollected prescriptions have to be destroyed each month. This has to be done safely and in line with government requirements and is a significant waste of time and money.


  • A number of new doctors and health professionals have joined the practice over the past few months and our wider partnership with NORA (North Oxfordshire Rural Alliance) is leading to a number of exciting new developments. Our physiotherapist will see patients with aches and sprains without the need for referral from the doctor. From the autumn, NORA practices will develop a rolling programme of more flexible working so that it will be possible to book early evening appointments with a doctor, (though not necessarily with your own GP.) The appointment of paramedics has increased our capacity to assess patients and ensure they receive the treatment they need.


We shall write again after the next meeting of the PPG In October but in the meantime please remember to check the Practice website for news and announcements. Thank you.