Health Visitors

Baby Clinics are held at Bloxham Children's Centre, Butterfly Meadow Wednesdays 1.00 - 2.15pm.

Health Visitors are qualified nurses or midwives with specialist public health training. We are trained in child development and protecting children and are available to support you in pregnancy and will see you once your baby is born. We are also able to provide support and advice to you within our child health clinics and at any time until your child becomes five years of age.

The Health Visitors work closely with Children’s Centres and community groups to provide services for families. The Health Visitors lead the Healthy Child programme to ensure a healthy start for your family. This programme includes development checks, baby clinics and health promotion advice.

Health Visiting teams provide additional services and support that any family may need; for example – parenting support, advice for a sleepless baby, support with post-natal depression/anxiety, infant feeding difficulties or tips on introducing solid foods.

We work together with a range of other agencies to provide additional services for families requiring ongoing support in order to deal with more complex issues. Agencies may include Children’s Centre, Early Years, Family Nurse Partnership and other community services.
Your Health Visiting Team at Bloxham Surgery is:

  • Melynda Heath – Health Visitor
  • Wendy Byrne – Community Staff Nurse

Direct Telephone Line: 01608 737179